Soul Searching – by Quillusion


Rating: Acceptable
The Basics: Classic Era (only compliant to GoF), Adventure/Friendship/Romance, 150k
Warnings: NC17, First Person Perspective

An adult Hermione attempts to steal a rare ingredient from Professor Snape’s storerooms; she finds much more than she was looking for.

I freely admit that my rating here is heavily colored by a strong dislike of first person perspective.  I tried to overlook that, wanting to thoroughly read the fic to provide a fair review, but all I could find were more of my fanfiction pet peeves –  sexual content too early in the fic,  inside jokes, overall flippant tone (and not in a way that amused me.)  Many people love this fic and it has rave reviews on other sites, so I assume there is something of quality here that couldn’t find in my brief overview.  My conclusion is that this fic is tailor-made for me to dislike it – but that does not mean YOU will dislike it.

The bottom line: It’s first person perspective love-letter to WIKTT; I hated it.  It’s not for me, but I actually DO strongly recommend reading at least a few chapters to see if you enjoy it, because this is one of the most widely-read and most beloved early SSHG fics.


2 thoughts on “Soul Searching – by Quillusion

  1. I agree with your review. I myself dislike first person fics with a passion, but I could not help but notice how highly recommended Soul-Searching was. Imagine my plight when I read it right after i read ‘Post Tenebras Lux’, and ‘When a Lioness Fights’. Interestingly, the lowest point of Soul Searching was not the first person perspective.. but the WIKTT gloryfication within the story ( no offences to WIKTTeers, I love the forum, and am myself a member), the all-too-soon romance build-up, and the unbelievable turn of events . Its lack of credibility and glaring loopholes in story is what bothered me most. The author no wonder has a wonderful way of story-telling, but its the story itself that let me down.
    Its only after being let down by such a widely recommended story, that i searched for differing perspectives on it, and i found this review, and i strangely feel better that there is one other person who shares my perspective.

  2. I loved this story. Like, it was my favorite for years. I read it probably way back in 2004/2005. I always disliked the WiKTT aspects, but I loved the idea of working with Stonehenge and the castle being almost sentient. This was a story I had a copy of and got it turned into a Kindle file as well. I have a secret love of Special!Hermione and Powerful!Hermione (I don’t want that in every fic, but sometimes I need a superhero Hermione. Lol) so I loved her ability to communicate with the stones.
    BUT. I recently reread this fic after probably 5 + years since my last read. And it just doesn’t hold up. I have read so many wonderful fics since this one that it lost its luster. I find the story a little weak, the WiKTT aspects stupid and irritating to read, and overall I’m just not into it anymore. It will always hold a special place in my fanfic heart, but I don’t think if really recommend it anymore.

    (And I’m sorry for blowing up all of your comments today! I’m just so excited to find this blog. And I love reading reviews of stories I’ve already read! I’m almost having more fun reading your reviews than I am reading fics!)

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