Hinge of Fate – by Ramos

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1024910/3/Hinge-of-Fate

Rating: Acceptable

The Basics: Classic Era (compliant to GoF with some elements of later books), Romance,  100k

Warnings: Non-censensual (under Imperius), NC17 SC, Pregnancy

It seems hilarious to categorize ‘Pregnancy’ as a warning, but some people aren’t into pregnancy fics so I thought I should mention it.

Hermione wakes up one morning to find herself pregnant (much to her surprise, as she had done nothing to incite said pregnancy.)  When she learns the circumstances – and that Severus Snape is the father – their lives are forever changed.  This is a similar premise as my favorite fanfiction of all time, For Someone Special by LadyoftheMasque.  I find pregnancy to be sort of an ‘easy way out’ as far as getting Snape and Hermione together, but it works in this fic and the pregnancy is by no means the focus of the story.

This was a nice little fic.  It is one that I would have glossed over, if I were reading what I were interested in and not doing a thorough chronology, because the writing in the first few chapters was not very strong, and it was immediately clear that it was a ‘pregnancy fic.’  As I made my way deeper into the story, I began to enjoy it, and chided myself for my earlier reservations and pre-judgements.  The romance blossomed in a realistic manner and Snape and Hermione are both reasonably in character.

I actually REALLY like this fic’s Hermione. She is level-headed and independent, two traits I strongly admire that SSHG Hermiones occasionally lack.  It is too easy to write bombastic ‘fights’ where Hermione has temper tantrums about Snape’s behavior – this Hermione is above that and never seems to raise her voice.  The Snape is also well-drawn, though a bit too easygoing and well-adjusted for my tastes.  Though I liked the characters’  even tempers and the lack of cheap-writing arguments, their absence (and the lack of anything to fill it) left the romance and passion somewhat bland, for me.

The best part of the fic is the second quarter, as the relationship builds.  It goes a little too quickly, however, and the fully-in-love characters still have half a story to navigate.  We spend about 3 chapters on their honeymoon, with no action to speak of at all – just sex, breakfasts, and witty banter that usually falls just short of witty.  Yawn.  I am easily bored and irritated once that romantic tension is over – I don’t read fanfiction for war plots, I read them for romance.  The war plot is okay, but action is not this writer’s strong suit.  I would have enjoyed it much better if the romance were drawn out more and more focus was put on the emotional and logistical hurdles of their relationshi.

The bottom line: It’s a ‘nice little fic’, as I said.  Worth a read, barely.   The romance is solid, the characters are solid, the war plot is passable – but for me, it lacked passion, excitement, and humor.   It had glimpses, but not enough.   A solid ‘Acceptable.’


One thought on “Hinge of Fate – by Ramos

  1. I’m so glad I found your site, because I’m finding myself very on the same page as you! This was one of my earliest SSHG fics, after being directed to it from some fantastic fanart from an artist I’ve completely forgotten the name of. I reread it often and loved it. As a nearing 30 adult, I now find myself almost confused as to why I enjoyed it so much… it’s a nice little fic, but the romance IS awfully rushed. I’ve always remembered the epilogue though, if purely because of them having a kid end up in Hufflepuff!

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