Dark Gods in the Blood – by Hayseed


Rating: Outstanding Minus

The Basics: Phoenix Era, Friendship/Mystery, 150k,

Warnings: Violence, Original Characters, Sexual Content, Horror

13 years after graduating from Hogwarts, Hermione Granger comes back to England from a long absence in order to solve a mysterious murder.  It’s an SSHG whodunnit!

This fic is absolutely incredible.  The only reason I rated it ‘Oustanding Minus’ instead of ‘Outstanding’ is because it is more of an SSHG friendship fic than an SSHG romance fic.  But every other detail of this fanfic is perfection.  Honestly, it’s SO good, that I would have recommended it even if it wasn’t SSHG at all.

It’s violent.  Horribly violent.  It’s intellectual.  It’s beautifully plotted.  Little seeds that were planted in the early chapters spring to glorious fruition in the later ones.  It’s heartbreaking – the Snape especially, is so, so, so heartbreaking, and so perfectly in character.   If Hermione and Snape were to come together in ‘real life’, these are the kind of circumstances that would have transpired.  It wouldn’t be romantic and pretty; it would be academic, reluctant, and under extreme duress.

The only drawback to this fic, other than the friendship-over-romance angle, is that it could possibly seem a bit pretentious sometimes, if that is an annoyance of yours.  I actually liked it; my degree is in English Lit so I have a pretty high tolerance for academic references.  But to some, the amount of quotes and referenced works might seem a little over-the-top or highbrow.

Another great thing about this fic is the RON, of all things.  This is the best Ron I have ever read.  It’s pretty much the only time I found him likeable and sympathetic, including the actual Harry Potter books themselves.

The bottom line: I recommend this to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE.  If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you’ll probably like this fic.  It’s that good!


3 thoughts on “Dark Gods in the Blood – by Hayseed

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