Some Scars Never Fade – by wendynat

Time Does Not Heal All Wounds (Required Prequel):
Some Scars Never Fade:

Time Does Not Heal All Wounds (Required Prequel):
Some Scars Never Fade:

Rating: Exceeds Expectations Minus

The Basics: Phoenix Era, Romance/Adventure, 150k,

Warnings: NC-17, Violence

Years after the defeat of Voldemort, Hermione Krum must team up with Severus Snape (an old flame) to defeat a new threat to the wizarding community.

This is the second fic in a row that I’ve read with an already-established relationship or romance between Hermione and Severus at the START of the fic.  Very disappointing!  That is by far the biggest drawback of this fic, for me – there is no slowly developing romance, only a rekindling of something already established.  I would prefer to read the (non-existent) prequel of how they first were drawn together.

Despite that major drawback, this is a pretty good fic.  Hermione is very in character – just excellent.  I find the Snape to be a little too likeable, a little too easy-going, but mostly on point.  The villain and the villain plot are really unique and interesting.  Lots of twists and turns and Polyjuice and well-dropped hints; I figured out the mystery before it was revealed, but barely just, and I wasn’t certain.  Very nice!   To often in fan-fiction are the villains obvious and under-developed – this author really took some time coming up with a nice, complicated backdrop for the story.

There is a LOT of smut in this fic.  I don’t mind smut, though I confess that I’ve read so much of it that I often skim over it.  One thing that was a little disconcerting for me in this fic, though, was that you get to read EVERYBODY’S smut – not just Hermione and Snape.  I didn’t really want to be in everybody else’s bedroom – you know?  For me, it made the fic seem a bit smut-heavy, and somewhat lessened the overall impact for me.  It’s a GREAT story, it’s certainly not porn-without-plot or something, but there was just a little too much smut for my personal taste.

The prequel, Time Does Not Heal All Wounds, has some really excellent scenes where Hermione and Severus are trying not to get together, as Hermione as married; very sensual and fabulous and scintillating, in all of the right ways.  The second book, Some Scars Never Fade, is when it starts to feel like too much smut, but luckily the warplot is very strong in the second book, which kept me turning the pages interestedly.

I would say the biggest strength in this fic is the plotting – which is usually my biggest complaint in fan-fiction!  This author REALLY took her time in crafting the warplot.  There are little hints and foreshadowing all over the early chapters.  It’s extremely gratifying to have an early premonition or idea pop up again just when you had forgotten about it and turn out to be true.  It gave a bit of ‘mystery’ feel to this fic which I really enjoyed.  It’s very rare for me to find a fic that is as well-thought out and storyboarded as this one clearly was.

You MUST read the prequel; they are really just one story, separated into two parts.

The bottom line: This fic is solid, though not spectacular.  Definitely read it if you like smut, because there is LOTS of it.  Read it for a nice unique warplot.  Read it if you like lots of sub-characters and many things going on at once.  Skip it if you are looking for slow-simmering romance and developing feelings.


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