Objects of Desire – by Azrael

[Note on second link: I HATE linking to WIKTT/Masque because their site is so prompty and irritating – it took me like 20 clicks and re-registering to get to the actual story – but it’s the only other place I can find this story, and Ashwinder has been known to go down on occasion.]

Rating: Exceeds Expectations Plus

The Basics: Phoenix Era, Angst/Romance/Action/Horror, 500k

Warnings: Sexual Content, Non-Con, Sexual Torture, Pregnancy, Slash, Violence, NC-17

Disclaimer: I first read this 8+ years ago and I did not do a full re-read. I did about an hour long skim.

Before I started writing in-depth reviews on this blog, I used to mix this story up For Someone Special with as they are both about 500k and both are extremely kinky with slash elements. I remember being puzzled when I did my For Someone Special blog, because I couldn’t find the chapters about Lucius that I remembered. Turns out, they were from this story!

This story is about 3 major story arcs. One is SSHG, one is Harry/Draco, and one is Lucius Malfoy. All 3 storylines regularly intertwine. That is the major reason that I put “For Someone Special” as my top rating and this fic only reaches ‘Exceeds Expectations’ – the focus of the story is not necessarily SSHG. I am almost as interested as reading Draco and Lucius stories as I am Snape and Hermione, so I had zero problem with the multiple main characters, but it might be more difficult for others.

I should warn you, if you didn’t read the warnings, that this is a very violent, very sexual fic. There is regular, drawn out, sexual torture, slash, and non-con, sometimes all 3 at once. I have zero problem with this, and to be honest it’s part of what fascinates me about this fic and makes it compelling for me. The sexual horror in this fic is grotesque and the villain is unbelievably creepy, but I couldn’t look away. I wanted more.

The plot is sprawling and meandering, but every storyline is tied together by the title of this fic – ‘Objects of Desire.’ The force that propels these characters is their desire; sometimes sexual, sometimes romantic, sometimes paternal, sometimes perverted and evil, but it all belongs together. You see intimately into everyone’s world and certainly into everyone’s bedrooms.

One thing I have to strike against this fic is the actual quality of the writing. It is simple, even rough, but despite that, the dialogue feels natural and everyone feels in character. The author has a way with words; they just aren’t fancy words. If you prefer your fanfic to read like high-quality literature (which frankly, I do most of the time) then this fic might not be for you. I was able to overlook it, but others might have more of an issue with it.

I have written many paragraphs, but I don’t feel I’ve even touched the surface of what this fic is about yet. There’s just so much THERE. It’s full of smut, charm, wit, horror, romance, angst, everything. One seen will be soft and sweet, the next scene will make your guts churn and cause you to look away. There is one overarching plotline, but it’s more Lucius than SSHG.

The bottom line: Despite it’s roughness, it is terrifying and beautiful. I recommend it to anyone who can stomach the warnings and doesn’t mind heavy Lucius and Draco storylines. If you are in the mood for pure SSHG, maybe save this for another day, as they are only about 1/3 of this story.


7 thoughts on “Objects of Desire – by Azrael

  1. Thank you so much for providing an alternate link to the Ashwinder one (albeit I agree WIKTT is not as user-friendly) as Ashwinder has been down for some time now and I thought the story was gone for good, and I had not managed to find an alternative site that it had been posted on.
    Objects of Desire is my favourite HP fic of all time, the one I have gone back to and re-read several times over the years!

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