Irresistible by Kabochan


Rating: Troll

The Basics: Half-Blood Prince Era , Romance/Angst, 200k

Warnings: Non-consensual SSHG, Evil!Snape, Violence, Sexual Content, Incest, Hermione/Draco

TRIGGER WARNING, don’t read this fic OR this review if you have problems with non-consensual references.

I HATED this fic.  Rant review ahead, because I am utterly repulsed and angry right now.

I don’t think the author MEANT to write Snape as a manipulative sociopathic rapist, but that’s what she did. The Snape in this fic – despite Hermione begging him to leave her alone, saying “NO”, and physically trying to escape – engages her in unwanted sexual contact over and over again until she finally “gives in” and “falls in love” with him. Not only is this grossly, offensively out of character – it goes so far that I would say Snape is the villain of this story.  (If you care about author’s intent, she thinks that Hermione created the tragedy of the story with her indecisiveness.  LOL NO.)

The story starts with Hermione/Draco. The Hermione/Draco in this fic is beautiful, soft, gentle, and convincing, especially in the early chapters. Almost everyone dies in the Battle of Hogwarts except for Draco and Hermione, who bond through their pain and survivor’s guilt.

Snape, another survivor, decides he wants Hermione (because she’s beautiful, not because of her intellect or personality) and stops at nothing to get her. His plan seems to be to shower her with aggressive, unwanted sexual contact, because he is such a SexGod!Snape that she will eventually be addicted to him and spurn Draco. Both Hermione and Draco beg him to leave them alone, over and over again, but he persists, his sexual aggression becoming more insistent and violent. Horrible bonus: Draco is HIS SON, and he knows it. Undeterred, he still continues wrest Hermione away from Draco by abusing her and convincing her that her body’s positive response means that she loves him (NO.) By the end of the story, Draco Malfoy is a shattered shell of himself, totally destroyed by Snape’s (his father’s!!!!111) machinations.

I don’t insist that Snape be a courteous Romantic Hero; in fact, I give those portrayals bad reviews.  Evil!Snape can be beautifully written, with backstory, shame, and insight.  But this Snape, this sexually aggressive cruel man, is presented as the romantic hero without apology.  This is the heart of the repulsive nature of this fic. The author writes these sexual assaults as though the are sexy and romantic. It was extremely disconcerting and upsetting for me to read. I kept thinking, ‘Maybe I’m over-thinking this,’ or ‘Surely that is the only time.’ I was wrong. I have a strong aversion to reading a self-proclaimed SSHG story that presents a Snape as vile as this.  It’s woefully out of character

In case you think I might be overreacting, here’s a link to some of the comments  You’ll see that most of the readers agree with me and were extremely upset by Snape’s behavior. The author responds politely to most of them, insisting it is not rape because Hermione was conflicted.  That when she said, “NO,” what she meant was, “I don’t know.”  Sorry, but someone who says NO means NO.  And regardless of the ‘was it rape’ question, a Snape who would push someone ‘conflicted’ into having sex is still utterly despicable and woefully out of character.  Read these comments and the author’s reply for yourself and make your own decision.

The bottom line: Hermione is sexually assaulted by Snape for the first half of the fic, and then sexually assaulted by Draco for the second.  Hermione is a helpless, directionless, spineless marshmallow.  Snape is a violent sexual predator lech. It is absolutely not SSHG and does not belong on any SSHG lists.  I only include it here to warn people away from it.


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