Saving Your Life – by lilmisblack


Rating: Poor

The Basics: Half-Blood Prince Era, Action/Romance, 250k

Warnings: Borderline Non-con, Sexual Content, Violence

Hermione is kidnapped by Death Eaters and Severus Snape feigns a relationship with her in order to save her life.

This is not a good story. Sometimes I am tempted just to write, ‘This story is terrible’ and leave the review at that, but I suppose I am obliged to write more than that. After all, this story has 1200 reviews on; clearly, some readers enjoyed it.

This felt like a ‘Classic Era’ fic to me, and not in a good way. It seemed to be written by someone young and inexperienced in the world, who did not understand love, logical thinking, or adult responsibilities. The love between Hermione and Severus in this fic is lust-based and physical, without reason or explanation. They have many tragic misunderstandings that arise from not listening to each other. Hermione forgets about her friends, her schoolwork, and the war, lost in her newfound relationship.

There is entirely too much smut. There is also not enough reason given for the early smut; it seems that physical intimacy is Severus and Hermione’s ‘cover’ or something, but that explanation is threadbare and not really followed through on. There needs to be a MUCH better explanation for that level of intimacy between adult Death Eater Snape and school girl Hermione. Just confusing and bad.

The biggest crime of this fic, though, is the low quality of writing. For me it was almost unreadable – I started skimming right from the beginning. To the author’s credit, the writing does improve as the fic progresses. I would be interested to read something else that she wrote after this. But for this fic, the improvement was not enough. Even the final chapters are wooden, basic, and tough to read.

The bottom line: It’s a very young-author-feeling, low-quality fic that might have passed for decent in the Classic Era when fics were hard to come by and we were all kids, but it’s unreadable for adults. It improves a lot by the end, but not enough. Not recommended.


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