The Lioness Prophecies – by AMR

Only linking my copy because it is not currently hosted anywhere else, and because it’s a shame for a beautiful fic like this to be lost. I will link to another site if it’s ever properly hosted again.

Rating: Outstanding

The Basics: Half-Blood Prince Era, Action/Romance, 260k

Warnings: Sexual Content, Violence, Pregnancy

Professor Trelawney gives another True Prophecy that Professor Dumbledore believes will ensure victory against Voldemort. He is sure that one of the targets of the prophecy is Professor Severus Snape, but who is the other? A long, epic tale that takes us from the Trio’s Sixth Year summer into the Seventh Year fall, winding through elaborate balls at Pureblood Manors, to long days of readying for the Final Battle with spell-crafting and Potion-making, to the secrets behind the doors of the Department of Mysteries, and much more.

Wow. This fic was incredible. I basically gave up all efforts to work on anything else for the past two days because I could not stop reading this. I really enjoyed AMR’s other SSHG fic, Snape’s Boon, though I felt like it had a few problems. This fic is longer, better, and corrects most of the problems. Let’s get down to it.

The biggest strength of this fic is the quality of the writing and of the ideas. There is so much amazingly creative world-building in this fic! The prophecy is subtle and clever, with a myriad of meanings that the reader slowly begins to understand as the fic progresses. Hermione and Snape work together to create a huge number of spells and potions, invented by the author, in their quest to defeat Voldemort. A potion to help resist Legilmancy, that has the unintended side effect of boosting dueling, because duelists unconsciously use Legilmancy to read their opponent’s moves. Those who take the Duelist’s Draught prevent their opponents from making these readings (an idea AMR also uses in Snape’s Boon.) A net spell, adapted from an old Victorian millinery spell for creating hat lace, enlarges the net and adds defensive wards and is used to trap Death Eaters. The attempt to use computer programming and Arithmancy together to correlate data and extrapolate likelihoods and stratagems. The idea to use Muggle Post-Its as portkeys to safely remove survivors from the battlefield, the color and location depending on their allegiance and the severity of their wounds. A beautifully heartbreaking and completely thorough explanation of Pureblood family magic and how it is passed on to the children. The traditions of Pureblood manners and etiquette (suspiciously similar to Regency customs – the Pureblood section of this fic very much reads like a Regency fic.) Hermione’s parents finding a place in the magical world – I have never read a fic that attempted to assimilate them in to magical culture and it is done so well, here. I could go on and on – these are just the ones that came to mind first.

The plotting and pacing is also top-notch. I really appreciate the skill with which the author avoids many of the traditional pitfalls of fanfiction. There were so many times when I thought, ‘Oh no, here comes the tragic misunderstanding,’ or ‘Hmm, this particular aspect of the story is getting tedious,’ and without fail, the author zigs or zags to avoids the mistake. Dumbledore’s refusal to see reason beginning to bog the story down? The very next chapter, he gives in. Hermione kidnapped by Death Eaters and me dreading several chapters of her pointless torture and misery? She escapes almost immediately, impressing and fascinating Voldemort with an amazing twist. Pregnancy fic, which I tend to dislike because I find it out of character and boring? Only becomes pregnant for essential Order reasons and maintains her intellectual spirit and curiosity throughout the pregnancy and beyond. The author’s foresight and cleverness kept the story page-turning and spellbinding, to the very end.

I do have to take a bit of an issue with the characterizations. Snape is an alternate universe fabulously wealthy and impeccably bred Pureblood in this fic – which I do not mind at all, but I know that this portrayal bothers some people given that this was written in the Half-Blood Prince era. In addition to that, I found Snape to be a bit too open and a bit too kind. The fic attempts to explain this by showing the Trio and Snape spending time together offscreen at Grimmauld Place for months, and by suggesting that much of his cruelty is a show for the Death Eater students. I don’t like it when authors take what I believe are essential Snape qualities and write them off as ‘an act’, but it’s a minor quibble in the overall context of the fic. Secondly, Snape is a little too willing to pursue Hermione, but again the author offers multiple explanations as to why he is behaving this way (he is in his childhood home, his great-grandfather is scheming to get them together because he wants an heir, they have been spending every day together working on a potion, their ages are not so different when in the company of the very aged members of his household, etc) so I was not too bothered by it, even though it was probably out of character. I will say, though, that the Albus Dumbledore in this fic is egregiously out of character for most of the fic. He is outrageously cruel to Hermione and incredibly dense for seemingly no reason (the author does have an explanation that she gives at the end of the story, but the explanation is not at all sufficient.) Lastly, one of the original characters, Septimius Snape (who is absolutely fabulous by the way,) has one scene where he is disgustingly vulgar and cruel seemingly out of nowhere that really bothered me, but it was just that one little instance. I mention this only because I was so shocked by it that I nearly put the fic down and I felt as though I should warn future readers.

Despite the bumpy-at-times characterizations, I was very, very pleased with the romance in this fic. It progresses in phases, which keeps the relationship evolving and interesting thoroughout the fic. The Pureblood setting of Snape’s ancestral estate, Houndsnape Hall, is Regency-esque, with balls, dance cards, formal dinners, curtsies; it’s the perfect place for two reticent people to dance slow courting circles around one another (with a little help from Snape’s clever meddling great-grandfather who desperately wants a Snape heir, of course.) This idyllic setting does not last as they are forced to make a difficult choice for the Order that involves their relationship. Next, they must go back to Hogwarts for Hermione’s Seventh Year and pretend nothing has happened between them for the benefit of the public. During the Seventh Year, they plan and plot, mixing potions and creating spells for the upcoming confrontation with Voldemort. I LOVE that they were more focused on the war than on each other – so many fics get this wrong. This is exactly what Snape and Hermione would have done. Then we have the actual confrontation and war which shakes everything and everyone to their very foundations. Though the relationship is technically resolved early for Order reasons, I felt that the author maintained enough tension, choices, and changing circumstances so that the romance arc felt as though it completed at the same time as the war arc. After all of that, we are even treated to a long glance into Severus and Hermione’s future, which somehow continues to be filled with new fascinations and insights to Wizarding culture – just amazing. I found the romance incredibly satisfying.

Much of this fic feels like Classic Era, which might be part of why I love it so much. Pureblood!Snape, out-of-character devious and meddling Dumbledore, and innocent wide-eyed Hermione (at the beginning.) This might sound a bit strange, but bear with me; I think thematically, this fic progresses much in the same way that the Harry Potter books do. The idyllic twinkling and magic of the Houndsnape Hall is reminescent of the magic of Hogwarts and the childhood innocence of the early HP books. The Pureblood balls and early courtship feels very much like the shy dances of Goblet of Fire. The frustration with authority created by Dumbledore’s terrible decisions causing Hermione to break the rules and make her own independent choices for the first time feels very much like Order of the Phoenix (with Dumbledore avoiding Harry Fifth Year, causing Harry to become less obedient and more independent.) The safe haven of the early chapters is cloaked in an inky cloud as the heaviness of war, duty, and sacrifice descend upon the characters just as they do in the later HP books. So, some might say that Hermione is too gentle or innocent in this fic, but that’s only at the START of the fic – I believe the author intentionally uses Philosopher’s Stone Hermione (even though she’s 18) in order to re-create the whole bildungsroman journey of the Harry Potter books the reader’s mind. If you’re a bit skeptical of my theory, look at Hermione’s Transfiguration N.E.W.T project in this story for confirmation that the themes of childhood journey to adulthood are indeed the author’s intention. I absolutely adored going on same Harry Potter journey that I so love – but through the lens of SSHG and completely new plots, prophecies, and magical theories. I could be crazy, but this is what I felt. ā¤

The bottom line: This fic definitely has a 'Classic Era' feeling (AU goofiness, Innocent!Hermione, Pureblood!Snape and a ridiculously out-of-character Dumbledore) which might be a problem for some of you, but if you can overlook it, you are in for a magnificent treat. Brilliant magical concepts, well-crafted setting changes that keep the pages fresh, great romantic pacing, precise plotting, interesting minor characters, prophecies, spell-crafting, cauldron-stirring…perfection. For me the ‘Classic Era’ issues were far outweighed by the beautiful writing and endless creativity on display. This is one of my favorite SSHG fics ever. I hope that you will love it, too!


9 thoughts on “The Lioness Prophecies – by AMR

    • I was really excited for comments on this entry; I can’t wait to hear what you think! I loved it, obviously; but harmony_bites (whose exhaustive chronological ordering of SSHG epics I am using to organize my reading) did not. She puts a little star next to the ones that she liked and I almost always agree with her. Lioness Prophecies – no star! I am eager to hear if any of my readers did not like it, and if so, why. The only reasons I can think of are the annoying Dumbledore and too-innocent Hermione, and maybe the Pureblood Snape? To me all of that stuff is fun and Classic-era feeling and I love it all.

  1. thank you for this rec! The text is tricky to read on my own device, so I’ve been borrowing my other half’s Ipad and reading it in rather slow intervals, but very much enjoying it. Every time I think I have this story figured out it twists on me, and leaves me crazy to find out whats going to happen next. I got such a pit in my stomach when it looked they they were going to go along with the Paris plan!

  2. I really wanted to like this. I desperately wanted to like it. But everything was so… off. Somehow. It felt too different from my image of snape and hermione.

    I’ll probably try again after a bit but I just finished a fic which honestly spoiled me. I can’t read anything less on point now and I’m sad.

    What a good fic it was. It’s called Chasing the Sun by Loten. Give it a whirl! I’m sure you’ll love it.

    • Could I ask when you started reading SSHG? I have a theory that maybe the reason I liked this story and many others didn’t is because I don’t mind the ‘Classic Era’ tone and character mistakes, because I was reading the ship back when all we had was Goblet of Fire to go by and Pureblood!Snape and Innocent!Hermione were very standard. I kind of liked all of the goofiness and inaccuracies because they inspired SSHG nostalgia for aged parts of the ship that are absoluely awkward and silly, but that made me happy because I hadn’t seen them in so long.

      I think to a modern, saavy reader who didn’t suffer though all of the horrible SSHG fics in the early 00s, the ‘Classic Era’ feeling is just annoying and innaccurate, like you are describing.

      I could be wrong! I’m just trying to understand why so many people dislike this fic, and I loved it so much. So far this is the best theory I have. I’d love to hear your insights.

      PS: You are like the 10th person to recommend Loten’s work to me! I’m almost afraid to read those fics now; perhaps they are so good that all other fics will be lowered a notch. I will read them when I get there chronologically, which is probably many years from now. I’m still back in 2007ish in my reading.

  3. I’ve always meant to read this one but was always put off by the summary stating Snape’s grandfather was the impetus for the relationship — you’ve sold me though! I am pondering your Classic Era!Dumbledore description though. I always felt the meddling/sinister Dumbledores didn’t start popping up until HBP, and that before then was years of an OOC Dumbledore accepting and even encouraging SS/HG in all manners.

    • I suppose I should edit that for clarity, you’re right – I do seem to imply that Evil Dumbledore was Classic Era and that’s not quite what I meant. The Meddling Dumbledore in Classic Era was always Dumbledore and Minerva interfering with everything like overbearing parents, with knowing winks and not-so-subtle hints etc. That went away a bit during Order of the Phoenix and beyond, probably because Dumbledore became more fallible and less omniscient. Evil Dumbledore is much more Half-Blood-Prince, yeah. At any rate, the Evil Dumbledore in this fic is 100% out of character, way beyond any era’s acceptable limits of Dumbledorism.

  4. Iā€™m still in the process of reading this, so I might come back and completely change my feelings, but I am not a fan so far. I have no issue with the Classic Era despite being a latecomer to the ship (2009). I actually just finished rereading Tyger! Tyger! for what seems like the thousandth time. The writing style is very indirect and circuitous which drives me a little bonkers, but the main thing that completely pulled me out of the narrative is that in the very first chapter, Severus is already interested in Hermione and contemplating her worthiness as a life partner. Like you, I am a fan of the slow-simmering courtship especially with Hermione realizing her feelings earlier than Severus and him kind of getting ambushed by his own feelings after working together. That feels much more authentic to the characters to me. Like I said, I plan on finishing this fic, and I might completely reverse my opinion, but currently Iā€™m not giving this an Outstanding.

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