Public Service Announcement: Ashwinder

Ashwinder is currently down.

Updated 07/10: Thank you VERY much to everyone who has sent me their story copies for me to upload here in order to supplement the dead Ashwinder links! We are now ONLY missing Chapter 28 of The Man Who Sold the World by Meggory. An enterprising reader copy-pasted the story from a link she found on The Wayback Machine, but Chapter 28 was not active. If anyone has a full copy, please e-mail it to . Everything else on SSHG Review has a complete and working link, woohoo!

The Ashwinder webmistress has said that she is doing everything she can to fix the site. I am hoping that she can get it back online soon. (Wayback Machine doesn’t work on Ashwinder because it is a log-in authorization site.) Ashwinder had some serious problems a while back and was down for about a month, but they were able to get the site back up eventually, so there is some precedence for hope. This is a webmaster who cares about her archive and will not abandon it unless she absolutely has to. Cross your wands and pray to the Dark Lord and to Dumbledore that she’s able to fix it!

Thank you very much to those who have sent me fics to upload here to supplement the (hopefully) temporarily broken Ashwinder links! We have almost everything filled now, except for those mentioned above.


8 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: Ashwinder

  1. I wondered what had happened to Ashwinder, I went to look something up the other day and couldn’t get it online. I do have some HGSS stories on my Kindle – quite a few – so if you let me know what you need I will see if I can work out how to get them to you. I’m non-techie but my husband is. However I would imagine they will be able to get it up and running again soon.

  2. Ah man, I hope it doesn’t go down like the other archives. Watching them all shutdown, one by one is like losing friends to old age. Leaves me feeling so melancholic.

  3. I hope you can rebuild the site . We just lost Grangerenchanted and I really don’t want to lose anymore stories.

  4. I remember something like this happenint back in 2014, though I don’t remember it lasting as long. Desperate for it to come back! I don’t think I realized just how many fics I used as therapy on there… I should have been saving them!

    • I feel quite the same way. I am kicking myself so hard for not saving more of them – especially ones I have already reviewed here! I have no excuse! I’ve already watched owl.tauri, Witch Fics, Granger Enchanted, Digital Quill, Adult Fanfiction, and so many more go down, just since I started this site. Ugh. When it comes back up, I am somehow going to force myself to be diligent and download everything on my lists.

  5. I have a Google Drive copy of The Man Who Sold the World! I copy and pasted it off Ashwinder years ago to read when I was camping with no internet access… But I never actually read it! I can definitely send it to whoever needs it! I do have to admit, when I copy and paste things I leave off the chapter titles and numbers because they irritate me… So it might not be the best copy, but I do have it!

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