I have an ironic request for all of you – could you recommend some fics to me? I have plenty on my to-review list but I want a shortcut to some really great ones. I took two rush sewing projects this month, meaning I am making 7 dresses when my max is usually 5. I am sewing 12 hours every day and am totally exhausted. I need some REALLY good fics to keep me going and get me through October (I use text to speech programs, so I listen as I sew.) Could you all make some recommendations? Here are some ideas:

1) Great fics that are 70-90k, as I ignore anything under 100k for the purposes of this website.
2) 100k+ fics finished after 2013 (started any time), as they are not on harmony_bites’ lists and I am almost completely ignorant of anything that is not on her lists.
3) 100k+ works in progress or abandoned fics that are nearly finished, as I have mostly ignored WIPs.

My readers have already given me tons of amazing recommendations which I have mostly burned through, so I know you guys have lots of good ideas! I am listening to Loten’s ‘Chasing the Sun’ now, and ‘The Apprentice and the Necromancer’ by satismagic is next.

Thank you in advance!


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      • \o/

        I was going to recommend Chasing the Sun, ehich I read this year and I liked it very much. The Apprentice and the Necromancer is so so brilliant! I’m looking forward to reading your reviews! I’m actually reading one fic right that does not fit your requirements for the reviews (word count :63442), but it’s really really good. I’m really loving it. I’m gonna leave the link here, ’cause, who knows? Even if you don’t review it, I think you might like it – it’s really well written:

        I know this is not exactly the place for this, but when I found your site I tried to leave a comment on the “about me” page by wordpress just wouldn’t let me. Anyway, HG/SS is my OTP since ever. I may read other ships or even read other fandons, but I always come back to them. And I *love* reviews. I seriously cannot express how happy and giddy I was when I found this site. And your reviews are really great, informative, fun to read and well written. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

      • Thank you for the great comment! I really appreciate it. I’m sorry it wouldn’t let you comment before – my settings are pretty open, and I regularly check the spam for comments that were auto-rejected that should not have been. I really need to completely remake the site ;I am studying computer programming and I’m kind of embarrassed about how old and non-mobile friendly the site is. It would just be a huge undertaking that I don’t have time for right now. I’m rambling in an attempt to avoid sewing, let me get back on track.

        I am actually kind of ‘meh’ on Chasing the Sun so far. I had so many readers recommend it to me (by far the one I’ve had recommended to me the most.) Because of that, I was fully expecting the best SSHG fic ever. Maybe my expectatations were too high? It seems to move really slowly and it’s dirty cigarette Snape and everybody is constantly talking about their feelings, which irritates me. It’s picking up quite a bit now that we’re in the ‘Deathly Hallows’ portion – I think I’m going to enjoy it a lot more now that it’s less of a recap of the books. 🙂

        Thanks again! I am excited to check our your recommendation. It’s exactly what I’m looking for – something outside of my usual parameters that is very good nonetheless. Sorry for the rambles 🙂

      • Don’t apologize for rambling! I do it all the time to avoid my thesis. Neither for the site not letting me comment, it’s not your fault. Usually wordpress works just fine.

        I finnished the last one I sent you, Cold Hearts and Muddy Understandings is its name. I must say part of wanted more out of it, but I must admit the fic didn’t promise anymore than what delivered. It sounds bad I say it like this, but it isn’t. Their dialogues are great – it actually remimded me a lot of you because witty banter ^^ It’s a really good fic about the immediate fallout from the war for Hermione and Snape (it’s EWE), but it could be longer. In the author’s defence it seems to be the first story she/he has written in the fandom.

        See? I’m the one doing the rambling now. It’s just since I had made the rec and now I finished reading it, I felt the need to make admonitions of some kind. Now I’m in doubt if admonitions is the right word.

    • I just realized that Loten’s Post Tenebrus, Lux is the one that everyone kept recommending to me, not this one! I’m already enjoying it a lot more since I’ve realized that. It’s no longer weighted down by my dragon-sized expectations.

  1. my mother encouraged me to continue with Chasing The Sun – I was so bored and not invested in it for the first several chapters and then something just CLICKED and I fell in love and it’s absolutely one of my fave fics ever now, lmao. at first I thought it was just a retread and it was refreshing when it finally messed with canon and became its own thing ^_^

    • I’m about 2/3 in now and while I can certainly see that it’s a great fic and that I’m going to rate it Outstanding, it just doesn’t have the magic my very favorite fics have for me. I really can’t explain why (yet, I’ll have to figure it out before I write my review). I think the biggest factor is that my expectations were too high. I really was expecting something extraordinary, the best SSHG ever. It probably doesn’t help that I read it directly after Looking for Magic, which was far better than I expected.

  2. Sin & Vice by mak5285 is 290k words and was finished just two years ago. It’s excellent, although has enough timeline flaws that I wouldn’t put it at outstanding. Still well worth the read. This is one of the (very few) fics where the fic is actually much better than the summary

    Thirty-One Days by keelhaulrose was finished Nov 2013, so I don’t know if it made the list or not. It’s 113k words and one of my favorites.

    The Phoenix Trilogy (not sure if the author calls it that or if it’s just me) by grangerous is completely canon compliant through the end of DH, from Harry’s perspective, but Hermione is doing a whole bunch of stuff that he didn’t know about during that time. Each of the three is over 100k words, and although the last one technically incomplete, all its missing is an epilogue, so you can pretend it’s complete without any issues.

    HBP equivalent: Phoenix Song
    DH equivalent: Phoenix Tears
    Go back to complete missing year: Phoenix Fire

    Forged in Flames by MsWhich is 87k words

    Ordinary People by Hayseed is OotP era and 94k words. I’m actually really somewhat sad it’s just barely too short for you to review, as I think you’d have an interesting perspective on it.

  3. So here is a list of some of my favourite long fics. Hopefully some new ones on here. Probably more I’m missing, but a good starting place. They are in no particular order. Enjoy! 🙂

    Post Tenebras Lux by Loten
    One of the best.

    A Chance for Happiness by Corvusdraconis
    After the Second Wizarding War, Hermione Granger apprentices to the surviving Severus Snape. The war has changed her, hardened her, and left her bereft of the happiness she once had had in abundance. She finds in her new Master something she would never have expected while she was still a student at Hogwarts: understanding, trust, and the kind of healing neither of them expected to find in anyone, let alone each other.

    Origins Trilogy by ArsenicJade
    2 of the 3 stories are SS/HG and the other DM/RW. Excellent story, complex characters and well written.

    Lay Me Low by TeddyRadiator
    Severus’ anger at Sirius Black’s attempts to seduce Hermione raises questions about his own feelings towards her. The past and the present mesh together in a story of protection, betrayal and trust.

    Cursed book I &II by bccaw
    Post-battle an injured Hermione is helped by a certain potion master. Slow build but worth the wait.

    The Master, the Warden, the Headmaster and the Deputy by mak5258
    Snape and Dumbledore enact an old tradition in the castle, hoping to gain a much-needed edge. Well written, interesting premise and a great plot.

    The Princess of Gryffindor by Aurette
    Pretty much anything by Aurette is great.

    The Lilac Tree/The Lilac Sapling by lena1987
    Ok, so combined they squeak in just under 100k… but so worth the read. Amazing characters that ring true.

      • Tough call…hmmm…I like them all. Maybe Master, Warden,Headmaster and Deputy or Cursed. Both good in different ways. So many great stories so little time! 🙂

      • If you read anything by Aurette, please spend the time on Hermione Granger and the Crystal of Time. I’m a big Aurette fan (save for her Time Travel piece), and this one should be way more read than it is. You’ll love the adventure elements in it, the tension between Snape and Hermione. Gah, I might just go reread it now!

    • Thank you so much! I am excited especially about your ‘seconds’, because if multiple people are mentioning it, it must be pretty great. I am coming to the end of my stressful few days and will probably go back to my regularly scheduled reviewing, but I am saving all of these to my ‘For Desperate Measures Only’ fanfiction list. Thank you again!

    • Wonderful, thank you! I am coming to the end of my stressful few days and the end of my ‘For Desperate Measures Only’ fanfic list, but I have added your recommendations to it for the next time that I am in need of something excellent. Thank you again!

  4. Hi,

    I have several recommendations. I don’t believe you’ve read (posted a review) on any of these.

    I recommend “Learning to live with Snape” on because there is a wonderful audio recording of the story on YouTube -just search for the title. I’d give the story an E but I know you listen on text to speech like I do and sometimes hearing a proper reading can do wonders.

    A New Beginning on

    An Unwritten Future on

    30 days on (not to be confused with 31 days)

    The Last Spy on

    When A Lioness Fights on
    The writing is not great at the beginning—author freely acknowledges this—and premise is a little difficult to adjust to at the beginning–but stay with it!

    The Buried Life on

    Problem with Purity on Little unbelievable premise and a few too many misunderstandings, but well written and I love the werewolf subplot.

    Not only a Granger on

    P.S. Of Loten’s two epic works, I definitely prefer Post tenebras, lux.

  5. I may have missed the window on recs, but anything by Aurette is worth checking out. She writes on ff.n, and I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the day you finally get to one of her fics. The Princess of Gryffindor is the weakest one IMO, but the others are outstanding, especially the Regency fic, Of Muggles and Magic.

  6. SemiPro Lurker here. I have enjoyed your recommendations for several years and I hope this helps.

    Romancing the War by Puebla –
    140K words. Written in 2017. Rated Explicit, though I would call it Mature.

    Authors Summary. The new Ministry had fully exonerated Severus Snape for what he had done during the war and further awarded him with the Order of Merlin, First Class for his extraordinary work as a spy. It wasn’t a popular move with the public, however, and Hermione Granger defended him to anyone who would listen, but even The Prophet grew weary of her advocacy. But after reading a magazine specializing in romance stories, she sees an opportunity to defend Professor Snape once more by way of a tale about the recent war featuring a character very much like the irascible and unsociable potions professor. Adopting a pseudonym to hide her identity, she carefully weaves the people she knows into the plot through subsidiary roles. When the story takes off – especially with the young women of Hogwarts – it disrupts the school in a variety of ways, but no one is more upset, infuriated, or seriously hacked-off by it all than the model for the protagonist, and when he finds out who the author is, he plans to eviscerate them. But as it progresses, the story becomes far more than a simple matter of rehabilitation for the two people most closely touched by the tale.

    1) Solid romantic elements VERY well paced, with a steady believable build speed. none of the repetitive 2 step forwards 1 step back misunderstandings commonly seen in fanfiction.
    2) The story within a story is basic but well written. Most of the story being written by Hermione is actually shown and is at least 15,000 words of the final text. This element helps explore and examine many issues from canon more completely with out needing to change canon elements. Further more it allows for romantic and sexual encounters between Hermiones fictional characters as well as every ones reactions to them earlier then would normally be permitted in a well paced story.
    3) No OOC character bashing used to get the pair together.
    4) Some angst (Angst primarily explores PTSD and canon events as opposed to non-canon fanfic created angst.)

    Will TRY to post a few more Recs later.


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