Beyond 84 Charing Cross Road – by Darnedchild and Devsgama


Rating: Outstanding Minus

The Basics: Modern Era (2016), Epistolary/Romance, 113k

Warnings: None

Two years after the fall of Voldemort, Hermione Granger is the manager of a prestigious wizarding book store in London. She receives a request for several extremely rare Potions books from a mail order patron named Simon Sopophorous.

I am very tempted to write a whole little essay about all of the epistolary stories I read as a child (Boomer’s Journal, Go Ask Alice, Babysitter’s Club: Chain Letter, the Dear America series) and as an adult (Dracula, Frankenstein, The Yellow Wallpaper, S) and even expand into how my favorite films are narrative-driven documentaries and found footage horror which are the film equivalent of episotolaries; but look, I managed to squeeze all of those thoughts into just one overlong sentence and spare you the drudgery of reading a longer version. Suffice to say, this is my favorite narrative framing device and I was absolutely over the moon when I discovered that there were a few SSHG fics that use it. So, take my rave review with a bit of caution, given my zeal for its structure.

Almost everything about this fic worked beautifully for me. This was the best building-passion scintillating romance that I have read in ages and ages. I can’t even remember the last time that the passion of a fic was good enough for me to feel that giddy excitement and grab a glass of wine. A romance through letters is slow enough for me to really believe it and feel it. I talk so often about the importance of building passion through ‘standing too close to each other, trying to resist’ foreplay of restraint. The letter format causes this to go on for many, many chapters because they aren’t physically near each other. When they finally do see each other in person, the history of denied passion crackles between them, adding electricity and weight to the slightest of movements.

The plotting and pacing are nearly perfect. After they come together in real life, the romance is believably and slowly drawn out due to plot. These plot hurdles are no mere ‘tragic misunderstandings’; they are tied directly to the characters in a way that moves the story forward and further explores their relationship. I absolutely loved the nature of the curse that they discover together; I loved it to the point that I stopped reading and raved excitedly about the curse idea to my husband who agreed that it was an awesome idea nearly worth of head-canon. The full understanding, commitment, and closure to the relationship did not happen until all of the plot was resolved, just as it should be.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the absolutely excellent writing. The old-fashioned wit of letters is perfect for Snape’s personality. The subtle insults and wordplay were delightful to read. This is Severus Snape at his finest; snarky, insulting, sharp, closed, reclusive, lonely, guilty, bitter, hilarious. It’s sometimes difficult to believe that Snape would let someone in but the premise of letters subtly and believably penetrates his solitude. He might very well be more open in letters under a pseudynom and of course Hermione Granger would be smart enough to eventually put the pieces together. Everything here is so well-conceived and so excellently done.

I will say that the in-person scenes in the final quarter of the story were not as strong as the letters. Snape would rave to his letter falcon Yorick, which I found strange and a bit out of character. When Snape and Hermione are together, towards the end, the author used a quick back-and-forth point of view that I disliked. I think it was intended to mimic the feeling of letters, but the viewpoint changes made it difficult for me to keep track of what was happening (perhaps because I listen to audio rather than reading.) I felt as though some of the latter important scenes moved too quickly and did not allow enough breathing room to fully convey the weight of the events. This was especially true in the last chapter. It’s possible that the author rushed things a little bit in the end; but it’s a minor complaint in the overall scope of the fic, and the only complaint I can muster.

The bottom line: The crackling electricity between Snape and Hermione given their history of a long romance of letters with no physical contact made this one of the most scintillating romances I have read (keeping in mind that I am uptight/Victorianish; I doubt what is exciting to me is normal.) Beautifully paced and plotted. Sharp, intelligent, and witty throughout. Plot ideas worth raving about. All wrapped up in epistolary form? Perfection, except for some of the rushed chapters towards the end. Recommended to everyone unless you feel that the letter format is not for you.


6 thoughts on “Beyond 84 Charing Cross Road – by Darnedchild and Devsgama

  1. I loved Beyond 84 Charing Cross Road and like yourself I enjoyed the build up of a love affair through letters. The humour is excellent and Snape is in character. I do so detest it when authors make him soppy. If you find anymore stories like this I should like to know of them.

  2. I’ve had this half read for ages; I need to finish it. I’m curious as to your feelings on Yorick and Snape familiars in general — they always drive me bonkers and I’m not sure why.

    “Dear Stranger” by Miri Tiazan and “Unexpected” by duj have elements of this format, as well, if you’re interested (and you’d probably love how restrained Snape is in the latter). Unfortunately they’re both long dead incompletes 😦

    Thank you again for reviewing all of these fics. It’s so refreshing to see such valid criticism (especially thoughts that often echo my own) on these fics. Sometimes I’m spending more time on here than even in fics!

    • I liked the idea of Yorick, but the name is a bit cliche and I thought that Snape talked to him quite excessively. I know the author wanted a way to voice the characters’ thoughts other than letters, but having him voice his every waking thought to Yorick seemed a bit lazy. And a bit out-of-character. So, I was not a fan of Yorick, but it didn’t annoy me horribly or break my immersion, either.

    • I’ve just realized that I never answered half of your question – YES Snape familiars drive me bonkers! I think it’s just that I can’t imagine him actually talking to a pet? He might have a lot of affection for one, but he would never be so undignified as to excessively talk to it. I think a lot of authors use it as an excuse to voice internal monologues.

  3. Isn’t the quick back-and-forth pacing due to the fact that there are two authors?
    It’s one of my favorite, I read it as it was written, so the slow beginning was really delicious! I was surprised to find it her, I thought you didn’t review the shorter and recent fics.

    • I was going through a hard time and desperate for some good fics, so I asked for reader recommendations a while back and this was one of them. There were a slew of modern reviews as a result of that time period. I’m back on to my long slow chronological grind, though!

      I didn’t know there were two authors! Thank you! I should amend my review to reflect that.

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