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Irresistible by Kabochan

Link: Rating: Troll The Basics: Half-Blood Prince Era , Romance/Angst, 200k Warnings: Non-consensual SSHG, Evil!Snape, Violence, Sexual Content, Incest, Hermione/Draco TRIGGER WARNING, don’t read this fic OR this review if you have problems with non-consensual references. I HATED this fic.  Rant review ahead, because I am utterly repulsed and angry right now. I don’t … Continue reading Irresistible by Kabochan

Sekhmet’s Book – by Bellatrix

Links: Book 1, Sekhmet’s Book – Book 2, Sekhmet’s Rule – Rating: Troll (Because it’s an UNFINISHED FIC that somehow ended up on a completed list) The Basics: Phoenix Era, Romance, 150k, Warnings: NC-17, Pregnancy, Original Characters THIS FIC IS UNFINISHED!  I am so enraged that I spent this long reading the fic … Continue reading Sekhmet’s Book – by Bellatrix