Pet Project – by Caeria


Rating: Outstanding

The Basics: Phoenix Era, Romance/Action, 330k

Warnings: Sexual Content, Violence

Sixth Year Hermione Granger, in her infinite Gryffindor compassion, observes that Professor Snape is exhausted. He barely eats, he never sleeps, he’s miserable – and worst of all, no some seems to notice or care. Given all that he continues to sacrifice for the Order, this is the very height of injustice as far as Hermione is concerned. She resolves to right this wrong, as only the full force of Hermione Granger’s study, intellect, and stubbornness can.

This fic is incredible. We’ll start there. I’m going to indulge in a few rambling Ravenclaw digressions for a bit, and then I’ll get back on track.

This fic is one that I missed when I did my Phoenix Era read-through. Although the fic was started in the Phoenix Era, 2005, it was not completed until 2013. Thus, it did not make it on to harmony_bites’ Completed Phoenix Epics list. I found it on her Work in Progress lists, which I recently went through to see if any of those were ever completed. I also had a commenter recommend it to me, which reminded me that I had bookmarked it – thank you!

Many epics are written over the course of real-life years, but it is very unusual for one to span EIGHT real-life years. I believe this is the first one I have read that was written over such a long period of time. I found this process delightful on a meta level. The fic starts out exploring Phoenix Era themes – Dark!Harry, Misguided!Dumbledore, Pureblood!Snape, Occlumency/Legilmancy, the Mauraders vs. Young Snape, and the Prophecy. The first third or so of the fic focuses mostly on these motifs. Then, as Half-Blood Prince descends, the author (skillfully, subtly) starts to weave in those new ideas – HalfBlood!Snape, Ruthless!Dumbledore, Slughorn, and Invaded!Hogwarts. Mercifully, she does not attempt to cram in Horcruxes or Snape killing Dumbledore, as both would have conflicted with her established plots. She adds in a few things from Deathly Hallows as well – Lily, Snape’s certainty of his own death, Badass!Neville, Occupied!Hogwarts. Many of my readers are relatively modern fans of the SSHG ship, and it’s difficult for you to understand what I mean when I talk about a ‘Classic Era’ fic, and how different in tone and content it is when compared to a Half-Blood Prince era one. Each ‘era’ has new themes and content that writers tend to fixate on, and they really are, in most cases, quite distinct from one another. This fic is an excellent remedial course in Phoenix Era, Half-Blood Prince era, and Hallows era fics, because you can feel the tone, themes, and content shift as the chapters and years pass. If you’re interested in this, make sure to read her Author’s Notes and track the changes. I found it fascinating.

I also want to give a bit of a disclaimer that this fic was practically tailor made for me. Sixth/Seventh Year Hogwarts meeting-of-the-minds that blossoms in to actual romance after Hogwarts is my favorite setting for SSHG. Hermione taking on Snape as a (VERY secret) ‘project’ is one of my favorite premises, because I find it to be very true to both characters. I prefer a long, lingering getting-to-know-you journey before romance. I love the mentor/mentee dynamic (that eventually blossoms in to equals.) I love the ‘meta’ aspects of fic-reading that occur because of the eight year writing span. This fic hits every one of my buttons, and obviously, a lot of my positive regard is going to be generated because of my preferences. I will try to be objective, though.

All right, actual review content, let’s go! We’ll start with the characterizations. Because the fic is so old, they feel a bit ‘Classic Era’ and traditional in their roles of school girl and Potions master. Hermione is VERY much herself circa Order of the Phoenix, which is of course, an innocent, overeager, idealistic Gryffindor. She has all of the tenacity and intelligence that we always see, but modern fics tend to make her a bit more powerful and mature – that is not the case here (although she matures considerably as the fic progresses.) Snape is deliciously in character. I believe Snape’s characterization was my favorite part of this fic – it really felt PERFECT to me. Absolutely perfect. Harsh teaching methods (but for the greater good), regretful and bitter about his past but committed to correcting his mistakes (for himself, not for anyone else), resentful of Dumbledore’s control and meddling but full of care for the old man, unrepentantly hateful towards Harry both for being a symbol of Snape’s failures and because he sees Harry as carefree/careless despite his responsibilities – the greatest of sins to trapped-in-a-web-of-duty Snape, masks upon masks for the Slytherins/Trio/Voldemort – masks to the point that he forgets what it’s like to be vulnerable and pushes everyone away out of habit. I don’t need to tell you all what Snape is; you know. This fic gets it. He’s not Fanon!Snape or Dark!Snape or SadLonely!Snape or SexyMasculinePowerhouse!Snape or OverlyTortured!Snape – he’s just truly Severus Snape, with aspects of all of those various Snapes. Perfection.

The romantic pacing is excellent. I think it will be too slow for many of my readers, but I really enjoyed the detailed consideration of the developing friendship. Too many fics skip this! There are sooooo many lovely things to explore in this pairing – why rush? Sometimes slow romances can be clinical or tepid (as in The Five Winters) and that is not the case here. The friendship-into-romance is a tender, natural, beautiful life-form that is fully and delicately nurtured with each new page and with each new understanding that the characters gain about each other. Lovely stuff. Regrettably, there is a disappointing ‘tragic misunderstanding’ meant to roadblock the relationship that lasted for a handful of chapters, but it wasn’t bad enough that I had to skip ahead (as I often do for tragic misunderstandings.) After that, the romance felt a bit clunky and rushed (comparatively) as it had to contend with the descending warplot. Still, though, the romantic arc climax coincides with the warplot climax, which is always my hope for epic-length romance. It’s remarkable that she accomplished a tandem finish in a 338k fic.

I adored the writing in this fic. The world feels really fleshed-out, with believable and interesting minor characters. She somehow writes charming, sympathetic, and funny House Elves – even JK Rowling was not able to do that! I also really enjoyed Professor Vector, Neville Longbottom, and Ron. Yes, Ron – most fans of this ship dislike Ron, including myself, but there are a few fics that manage to make Ron likeable and give him some redeeming qualities. This is one of them. His loyalty and steadfastness are a great help to this fic’s Dark!Harry, and his usefulness as a Chess General as the war descends is really well done. A lot of fics describe Ron as a Chess General, but this fic shows him making excellent tactical decisions and cutting to the heart of complex situations. That is not easy to write! I also love that the author takes each of the Trio members on a coming-of-age journey. When you start reading the fic, you might be turned off by Innocent!Hermione, Angry!Harry, and BigDumb!Ron, but stick with it. Each of them matures and grows and is a powerful, passionate, mature witch or wizard by the end of the story. This author writes a full story that has themes and involves everyone; there is much more here than mere romance. That is not easy write, and I really appreciated the effort to create a whole story of value. For me, it works beautifully.

There is a lot of creativity on display. Hermione is dedicated to her books, her research, her checklists, and her innovative solutions. This is Hermione! I loved her solutions to Snape’s problems, especially the enchanted item of protection. It may be one of my favorite fanfic inventions ever. I loved the way she stumbled across the idea, I loved her struggle to make it and I loved her eventual success (and the way it wasn’t quite what she expected.) The Voldemort-defeating device is clever, although I’ve read something similar before (FAR more clever than the stupid Deathly Hallows wand technicalities. I will never get over that.) I really enjoyed this author’s version of Arithmancy; a confusing magical topic that most authors avoid. (Arithmancy was explored really well in A Walking Shadow, but I believe that’s the only other Arithmancy-heavy fic I’ve read.) It was a fantastic device for foreshadowing and creating tension in the warplot. There is also an exploration of House Elf culture and motivations that is splendidly done. Many authors avoid House Elves because Dobby was so damn annoying (rest in peace, free elf), but this author does an excellent job handling them. Somehow, she manages to make them so interesting, sympathetic, and crucial to the plot. The combination of great minor characters and great magical ideas really made this feel like the Harry Potter books through an SSHG lens, and that’s about the highest praise I can give to any fanfic.

I do have a few criticisms to levy, of course. The overall plot pacing was a bit uneven. It’s no surprise, as it was written over eight years in real-time. Unevenness seems bound to happen. The middle section stalls out for a while; there are many many conversations and developments that could have been better resolved in a descriptive section to keep the pacing tight. The writing is still page-turning and filled with delightful conversations – I absolutely could not put it down – but the middle section was not as good as the rest. I was also a bit disappointed with the romantic content. Yes, I loved the slow meeting-of-the-minds in the first third, but I felt that the most exciting part of the romance (the space between realizing you care for the person and acting on those feelings) was short-changed a bit. There are only a handful of romantic scenes between the first kiss and the full consummation, and it would have been better to explore that area a little more. The consummation was a bit awkward for me, because it took place somewhere that I felt others could barge in at any moment and I was stressed out the whole time. It just didn’t quite feel right due to the lack of physical build-up. So, although the romantic pacing was great, the romantic content in the latter stages of the relationship was not as good as it could have been. Lastly, I found Dark!Harry really tiresome, and was very relieved when he finally chilled out. Harry is one of my favorite characters and I don’t like it when he is out-of-character for plot, even though it was explained very well here.

The bottom line: For me, this is a nearly perfect fic. The writing is excellent, the banter is witty, the characterizations are spot-on (considering Hermione’s age and remembering that she matures as the fic progresses), the House Elves are ridiculously charming, the warplot is inventive – this fic gets high marks across the entire board. I think for some readers the romance will feel too slow, but I really believe you will still love the fic. I recommend this without reservation to any fan of the pairing – I even recommend as a ‘gateway fic’ to those who are NOT fans of the pairing, because the romance is so believable. Thank you for finishing your fic, Caeria; it’s amazing.


The Amber Solution / The Amber Effect – by wandlimb

Amber Solution:
Amber Effect:

Amber Solution:
Amber Effect:
[Note on second links: I HATE linking to WIKTT/Masque because they are so Javascript prompty and annoying; it may take you several attempts to manage to log in and and then click back to the story link. Ashwinder is known to go down on occasion and this is the only other place that hosts it.]

Rating: Acceptable

The Basics: Phoenix Era, Romance/Action/Angst, 130k,

Warnings: Sexual Content, References to Non-Con

Hermione Granger and Severus Snape are drawn together following a potions accident. Could this accidental potion be the key to defeating Voldemort?

First off, this is two fics – ‘The Amber Solution’ MUST be read before ‘The Amber Effect’. In my opinion the better of the two fics is ‘The Amber Solution’, the shorter prequel, so don’t skip it!

This fic is pretty solid, right down the middle. It has a lot of problems but it has a lot of good points, too. A solid Acceptable if there ever was one. My biggest problem with this fic is a common one – the romance is rushed. For me, the most satisfying part of a fic is the tantalizing chapters between realizing they are attracted to each other and consummation – and that is sadly absent from this fic. The potions accident rushes the relationship to it’s conclusion in the first 10k. The rest is just inconveniences and warplot. Why bother?

Well, I recommend ‘bothering’ because these inconveniences and warplot are actually fairly well crafted and pleasant to read. There are some incidents that take place in the first few chapters that end up being explained and useful in the final conclusion; I always appreciate a fic that is able to plant a seed in an early chapter, and then have that seed bear fruit in the final one. The plot isn’t intricate enough to be sure that it was actually plotted beforehand – I suspect it might have been edited in later once the author figured out the plot – but that’s still better plotting than 80% of the fics I read.

I also really enjoyed the technical aspects of the fic. The author put a lot of thought into the potions and their various stages and uses, although I must confess that the main potion reminded me strongly of Veritamoria in For Someone Special, which the author even mentions once in her author’s notes. I am glad that she gave ‘For Someone Special’ credit, because the potion and its effects are almost an exact copy, with a little Voldemort-defeating cherry and cream plopped on top.

One major problem that I had is the idea that Snape was always attracted to Hermione, even as a student. I don’t find this believable for the character at all, and it smacks of this Creeper!Snape and Pedo!Snape that I just can’t stand. Maybe I’m getting too old, but my canon Snape is so unbelievably closed off that attraction to a student isn’t even something that would cross his mind. It’s a serious problem for me that made me uncomfortable throughout the fic. I wish more authors would realize that writing Snape as attracted to her ‘all along’ cheapens the fic. Can’t they see that it is MORE interesting to describe the long, difficult process in which he admits to himself that he IS attracted to her? That’s the best part!

The characterizations are fairly bland in this fic. I would blame that on the soul-binding potion, except that in ‘For Someone Special’, Hermione and Snape remain firmly and perfectly in character, despite the potion. They aren’t terrible out of character in this fic, but there just isn’t enough wit and spark in their conversations; no life to them. This is especially evident in the chapters where Snape tries to run away from the situation to protect Hermione – a trope that I absolutely loathe. I almost put down the fic in those chapters, because I didn’t care enough about the Snape character to overlook the annoyance of the trope. I had to skim through those sections.

Despite my reservations, it’s overall a pretty enjoyable read. Skim through the boring parts and enjoy the good ones. The warplot and Voldemort confrontation are interesting, and the technical aspects of the potion – even if borrowed from a superior fic – is excellent, and the smut is very good, if a little overused.

The bottom line: Take it or leave it. It’s all right. I definitely recommending reading the prequel, ‘The Amber Solution’ as a nice 12k fic, as it is short and relatively satisfying. If you really enjoy that, maybe move into the longer fic, but it’s really just more of the same + Voldemort.

The Ties that Lead to Trust – by Gfeather


Rating: Acceptable Plus

The Basics: Phoenix Era, Friendship/Angst, 170k,

Warnings: Non-Consensual (not Severus), NC-17, Violence, Marriage Law

In Hermione’s seventh year, Snape and Hermione are forced to wed as a result of a new Marriage Law.

This fic is classic Marriage Law, as classic as it gets, written as a response to the WIKTT Marriage Law Challenge when this kind of thing was still fresh.  Hermione and Snape marry, slowly come together, and the Malfoys aren’t happy about it.  It’s exactly what you’d expect, but somehow I still stayed up all night reading it, so that’s something.

One thing I really appreciated about the fic was the strong, independent, logical Hermione.  This is not a woman who will pick fights for no reason or fall in love just because she’s married.  She’s stubborn and willful and full of ideas; just wonderful.  She’s even MORE independent and traditional-bucking than the real Hermione Granger, I would say, but those are traits that I appreciate so I really loved this Hermione.

The Snape, however, is not quite as on point.  Especially in the early chapters, he gave off almost a Pathetic!Creeper!Snape vibe.  And it was written intentionally that way; that his eyes would plead and Hermione would feel uncomfortable, or that he would ask her to stay the night and she wouldn’t want to, or that he would ‘spoon’ her in their sleep in the very early stages.  Severus Snape ‘spooning’ a Seventh Year he just married days ago is definitely not in character.  ‘Curling protectively’ maybe . I know I’m mincing words, but I felt like the language kind of pathetic-ized him and I didn’t like that.  He settles into a more traditional Snape as the fic continues, however.

The warplot was disappointing for me.  It’s not a Voldemort plot, it’s another agitator.  It seemed promising in the beginning, but it kind of petered out to nothing.  There was one action packed scene, and then 10 more chapters of recovering/resolving/nothing.  It was a bit of a slog to the end.  I understood why the recovery chapters were needed for the characters, but as a reader,  the action was over, the romance was over, and I was impatient for the end.  Major plotting/pacing issues.  The author even confessed in her author’s notes that the fic was being steered by the winds of her random plot bunnies – not plotted out in advance.

The romance is decent; that slow-burn is always a little clumsy in Marriage Law fics, by necessity, but it is done well here in the few chapters in which they are becoming comfortable with each other.  The majority of the fic, unfortunately, has a resolved romance and the focus is on logistics and the weak action plot.  There is an issue that arises about 2/3 of the way through that ‘resets’ the romance plot to give it a little more interest, but not enough.

The bottom line: It’s decent, especially if you like Marriage Law fics.  Read it for the academic-based romance and the beautifully strong, independent Hermione.  Skip it if you like exciting action/warplots, and insist upon tightly scripted plotting.