To the Authors

Dear SSHG Authors,

As I have started to post more and more reviews on this site, I am becoming aware that a great deal of them are negative.  As such, I feel it necessary to write a letter to you, my beloved authors, without whom we would have no fanfiction at all.

If I wrote a bad review about you, I am truly sorry.  I know how hard it is to put your heart and creative words out there for others to read; I’ve tried to do it myself but didn’t have the courage!  My intention when I started this site was simply to review everything so that SSHG readers would be able to search and find fanfics based on their particular interests and preferred flavors; it was certainly not to bash or hurt any writers in the fan community.  We’re all fans, we’re all friends, because of our love for these great stories, and I am truly sorry if I have hurt you with my words.  Every time I write a bad review I feel a pang of regret; I constantly worry that the author will find it and be somehow hurt by my opinion.

I’m also aware that many of my reviews are colored by personal preference; I always try to be clear about what part of the rating is personal preference and what part of the rating is overall quality.  If your fic is heavy porn-without-plot, a sprawling action plot with little emphasis on romance, or extremely fluffy sentimental romance and babies, chances are I didn’t give it a high review because of personal preference.  I like a balance of romance, humor, and action – and that’s just me.

To sum up, though I hate writing bad reviews, I can’t really see a way around it.  If the purpose of this site is to help people better find and categorize SSHG fanfics, it seems necessary to have negative reviews as well as positive.  If you have a solution to this problem, I would love to hear it, because I do not want to be part of hurting my fellow fans and friends any more than necessary.  We’re all in this (sensual, snarky, book-reading, cloak-swirling) ship together.

With love and thanks,



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